How To Properly Store An Antique Bedroom Set

When storing an antique bedroom set in a storage unit, you must take precautions to ensure that your wood furniture isn't damaged while in storage. To protect the monetary or sentimental value of your antique furniture, follow the steps below to keep them in the best condition while in storage.

How To Get The Unit Ready

Before placing your antique bedroom set into the unit, prepare the storage space so it will be ready when your furniture arrives. Sweep the floor and inspect the unit for damage. Examine the latch mechanism and the door to make sure they're working properly. Contact the manager of the unit if you detect a problem.

Place wooden or plastic pallets on the floor of the storage shed. Air will flow underneath the pallets for ventilation to keep mold and mildew from forming on your bedroom set. If you don't have any pallets, arrange boards in two layers on the floor so that your furniture won't be directly on top of the concrete.

How To Prepare The Antique Furniture

Apply paste wax to your antique bedroom set to prevent damage from dust particles and dampness in the air. Put the sealant on your furniture a few days before you place it into storage to ensure ample drying time. Any moisture or wetness on your antique furniture will also cause mold to start growing.

Vacuum your mattress and box springs before placing them separately into mattress storage bags. These protective cases will guard them from dust, insects and moisture while inside the unit. If you don't have a mattress bag, completely wrap the mattress and box springs in sheet plastic and secure the ends with packing tape.

If possible, take the bed frame apart and remove the headboard. Carefully remove the screws and lift the mirror from the dresser. Place all the screws together in a clear zip top bag and tape the bag to the back of the dresser or bed.

How To Place The Bedroom Set Inside The Unit

Place the pieces of your antique bedroom set on the pallets and leave at least six inches of space between each piece to allow sufficient ventilation. Don't place any furniture up against concrete walls in the unit because the dampness in the concrete can transfer moisture to your furniture.

Position your mattress and box springs standing up on their long edges on the top of a pallet. Never place your mattress or box springs flat on the floor or stack items on top of them. Heavy items can damage the inside components of the mattress and sharp objects can pierce the outside.

Don't stack the pieces of your bedroom set and avoid placing other items on top of them. This can cause scratches and blemishes on your furniture. After you have your antique bedroom set placed inside the unit, cover the furniture with a canvas cloth or large blankets to keep dust and dirt from settling on them.

How To Store The Dresser Mirror

Take special care when storing your antique dresser mirror. Place cardboard on the corners to cover the edges of the frame to keep them from getting scraped or marred. Securely wrap the mirror in a thick blanket or felt and fasten the wrapping with twine or heavy tape.

If you have a large box, place the mirror inside the box and pad the open areas with foam packing materials. Store the mirror upright and never store it flat as this can cause it to collapse and break due to its weight.

Now that you know how to properly prepare your storage unit and store your antique bedroom set, the pieces won't become damaged while in storage. When you get ready to store your furniture, contact a company from a site like that offers self-storage units for rent.

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