Life In An Apartment: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Space Clutter-Free With A Storage Facility

Having more than before may not necessarily make you a happier person. Studies indicate that 86% of Americans who voluntarily cut down their consumption reported feeling happier as a result. The truth is that Americans are gradually downsizing, with the average home size dropping from 2,507 square feet to 2,373 square feet from 2007 to 2009. Many people have even downsized to apartments. If you previously owned a lot of personal items, renting a storage facility can help with the downsizing. Here are 3 tips on how to use the self-storage facilities to keep your new home free from clutter.

Store Items with a Sentimental Value within Airtight or Locked Containers

Old photographs, little trinkets that were gifted to you by someone special and other items that you don't actually use, but that have a sentimental value, should be packed into an airtight or locked container and placed at the back of the storage facility. Unless you plan on taking these items out regularly and looking at them or using them, there really is no room in an apartment for storing an excess of unused items.

Wrap all fragile items with several layers of wrapping paper, and make sure that they are secure in the containers by filling up the loose spaces with Styrofoam peanuts or scrunched up newspapers. Airtight containers will keep photographs, letters and other fragile items safe from mildew or water damage as well. Leave a small pathway to the back of the storage unit, so that you can access what you need with ease when you need it.

Pack Seasonal Items Aside

Christmas lights and ornaments, or decorations for various occasions like St. Patrick's Day, the Fourth of July, Valentine's Day, and New Years, should be packaged into separate corrugated cardboard boxes and labeled. As you will need these items throughout the entire year, you want to make sure that they are placed in a row close to the front of the storage unit. This will allow you to quickly access the items that you need when the time comes without having to shift through all of your belongings.

You should limit the weight of each box to approximately 30 pounds, so you may have to store all of your seasonal items for a particular occasion in more than one box. Any box that is heavier than that tends to break and will be difficult to lift.

Put Away Excess Appliances and Large Furniture

When moving from a house to an apartment, you'll likely have a lot of furniture and excess appliances that will no longer be used. If you are not sure whether or not you'll be upsizing in the future, or if you have decided not to sell any of your furniture and excess appliances, store the ones that don't fit into your apartment in the storage unit.

Excess appliances and large furniture should be placed in the middle of the self storage unit, with the ones that are not likely to be needed again in the near future closer to the back. Make sure that you cover all of your appliances and large furniture with a plastic cover to prevent pests from getting to them.


Take full advantage of self-storage units to keep as much of the excess items that you have. This will help you remove a lot of clutter from the apartment, and make your apartment a much more livable space with more room for you to enjoy. Choose self-storage units that are large enough to accommodate you based on the amount of items that you have. Also, pick a facility that is close to your new home, so that you can easily access the items that you need whenever you need them without having to make a huge trek across the city. You can click here for more information about self storage units in  your area. 

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