3 Tips To Follow When Moving With Dogs To A New State

From cleaning and organizing to packing and transporting boxes and furniture, it is easy to see why moving can be so challenging. Unfortunately, if you have more than one dog in your family, the moving process can be even more stressful and overwhelming. An estimated 62.2 percent of pet owners in the United States have more than one pet, so if you are part of this group, you may be worried about handling your dogs during an upcoming move. Using these tips, you can avoid stress while moving with multiple dogs to a new state.


You should have everything ready for you and your pet before the actual moving day arrives. Weeks before the actual day, contact your dog's vet to notify them of the upcoming move. Ask if they can suggest a qualified veterinarian near your new residence.

Your veterinarian can also give you advice on pet laws in your new state. Many states require your dogs to have certain vaccinations. In addition, you may be required to have a license for each of your dogs in certain states.

Be sure to collect copies of your dog's records and update your dog's tags with your new address. Change the address that is connected to your dog's microchip to prevent any risk of them getting lost during the move.

Fill any prescriptions your dogs need before moving, as well. This will ensure your dogs have their necessary medications before, during, and immediately after the move.


If you wait until the very last minute to pack up all your belongings in a hurry, you and your dogs will experience a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety.

To reduce the risk of this stress, begin packing items slowly. Stack boxes in a section of your home. Or, ask the movers to transport these boxes to a nearby storage facility until the actual day of your move. This will give your dogs time to adjust slowly and calmly to the changing environment.

Avoid packing any items that comfort your dogs. Allow your dogs to have access to their food, bowls, toys, and bedding until the very last phase of packing.


Do not allow your dogs to roam the house while the household movers are transporting boxes and furniture out of the house. Your dogs should hang out in a fenced backyard, empty room in your house, a neighbor's home, or at a kennel to ensure they are not in the way of the professional movers.

In most cases, your movers will transport your belongings, so you will drive separately in your own vehicle. It is important to note that you should never allow your dogs to travel in the moving truck, since boxes and furniture inside the cargo area can move and cause injuries.

Here are a few simple tips to follow when traveling with your dogs to your new home on moving day:

  • Restraint – You should not allow your dogs to roam free through the vehicle while you are driving. Place each dog in their own crate. If you have larger-breed dogs, consider renting a large sport utility vehicle or van with cargo space for the larger crates. Place a toy and blanket that your dog enjoys in their crate. If crating it not possible, invest in pet restraints that work in a similar manner as traditional seat belts.
  • Collar and Leash – Before leaving, make sure each dog's collar fits them comfortably and securely. Place a leash for each dog in your vehicle, as well. A secure collar and leash will keep your dogs safe and secure when stopping.
  • Stop, Walk, and Relax – Stopping periodically while driving to your new home is imperative. Not only will you need to rest from the long hours of driving, but your dogs will need these stops to use the bathroom. During these stops, make sure your dogs are able to walk to stretch their legs and exercise a bit. Also, allow your dogs to drink some water and have a snack while everyone is resting.

Moving to a new home in a new state can be difficult, but proper planning and the help of professionals can make the process easier. With these tips, you can avoid the added stress of moving with your dogs to a new state. 

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