Mice Invading A Rented RV? Covered Storage Can Help

Renting out an RV to a friend as temporary living quarters is an excellent way to help someone get back on their feet. However, this benefit can be sabotaged if mice invade the vehicle. Thankfully, covered storage can help protect against this annoying danger.

Why Mice Invade RVs

First of all, it is essential for you to understand why mice invade RV areas in the first place. They are usually trying to avoid winter weather and searching for sources of food. If you have someone living in your RV, there is a good chance they have food inside. Mice will smell this food and find a way to get inside of the RV.

Mice are so tricky, though, that your guest may not notice signs of them until whole families have moved inside. This frustrating and annoying situation is one that can be dangerous for your RV and their health, as mice may destroy items in your RV and infest your friend's food with diseases.

Keeping Them Out Is Tricky

The hardest part of this process is fighting the intelligence of the average mouse. While they are small, they are very intelligent. Most can find tiny holes that they can use to invade your RV. These breaches include small cracks in doors, poorly sealed sections, and even gaps in plumbing areas.

Don't forget that a mouse can sneak in a crack no bigger than a dime or a quarter and use it to invade your RV. As a result, your friend will be exposed to the dangers of these rodents, and your camper will suffer. Thankfully, covered storage can help you out here.

How Covered RV Storage Can Help

Covered RV storage places your camper in a safe and protected area and keeps mice out for good. For example, you can set your RV in a large building, lock it, and prevent mice from entering. Preparing your RV in this way before your friend moves in can help you keep mice out or even give them a place to rest while you are working on the RV.

It also gives both of you a place to perform various pest-eliminating techniques, such as exclusion, on your RV. Exclusion helps to keep mice out by eliminating small holes that they can enter. Working on a covered storage area keeps your protected from the elements while you work.

As you can see, covered storage is a great way to protect your RV and your friend from mice invasion. So make sure to talk to an RV storage center like Blanco Self Storage to learn more about this process and rental prices.

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