Want To Hire Movers? Figure Out What To Bring To Your New Home

Moving to a new place often means that you will be making changes to what you have on the inside. For instance, you may be interested in moving to a smaller home, which means you will need to go through your possessions to determine what should come along for the ride.

Trying to fit everything that you own into a smaller home can lead to some complications. Also, you may not be interested in renting a storage unit to avoid clutter in your new home. This means you will want to analyze what to bring along when hiring a moving company to handle the move.


An important part of your home to pay attention to is the kitchen countertop. In your current home, you may have several small appliances on display to use at any time. If your new house does not have a similar sized countertop, you may not be able to display as many appliances.

If you have a standard coffee maker as well as an iced coffee maker, you may decide to part ways with the iced one to avoid the inconvenience of having to bring it out of storage to use it. When you are moving into a place with a larger countertop, you can take everything comfortably.


Unless you are buying a home in the same neighborhood with a similar housing layout, you should expect the layout and square footage to differ considerably. The furniture that works well in your home may not fit into your new home, which means you need to go through each piece.

If you have oversized furniture pieces, you can sell or donate them to save on room. You can also get rid of any old or damaged furniture that you want to replace regardless of the move.


Figuring out how much storage you will have in the new home is an important step. A smaller garage and fewer closets may have you needing to reduce how many boxes you must store. A strategical closet and garage organization system can make up for a lack of space in the house.


When you intend on moving into a home with a washer and dryer included, you will need to decide whether you want to leave yours behind or bring your appliances for the move. If your appliances are newer and you know that they are well-maintained, you should bring them along.

Going through these details will help you hire movers and know exactly what you want to move. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Maher Brothers Transfer & Storage.

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